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Now Available by Woodhall Press

Alice's Adventures in #Wonderland with captions by Penny Farthing and illustrations by Bats Langley is now available wherever books are sold.


On the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing comes a novel in which a Jewish astronaut must reassess his moral compass when forced to confront NASA’s early collaboration with Nazis and the role it may have played in his father’s death. Foreword Indie Award Winner and CT Book Prize Finalist The Astronaut's Son by Tom Seigel is now available wherever books are sold.

Perfect for the Classroom

Woodhall Press has published our first project for 2018, Flash Nonfiction Funny by Dinty W. Moore and Tom Hazuka, available where all books are sold.


Chesbro finds himself disoriented and bewildered by fatherhood as he explores the loss of his own father. A Lion in the Snow by James M. Chesbro is now available wherever books are sold.

Mirror cover2JPG.JPG

Part voyeuristic, part inspirational, sometimes hilarious, always thoughtful and probing, learn how to love yourself at a time in America when it is often too easy to hate. With compassion for his passengers and himself, Cook carefully navigates us to a place of forgiveness, patience, and, hopefully, peace. Man in the (Rearview) Mirror by Larue Cook is now available wherever books are sold.

Laugh Out Loud

75 flash nonfiction pieces, written by internationally celebrated women authors and dazzlingly hilarious newcomers, are no flashes in the pan: they provide a feast of insights, generously garnished with wit, spice and an exhilarating attention to craft. Fast Funny Women edited by Gina Barreca is now available wherever books are sold.


Twenty-one-year-old Nina is determined to make it in New York City. She searches for work as an actress and hopes to find love but can’t seem to land a big break with either. After a promising relationship with a celebrity crashes, she decides to move across the country with a man she has just met, when suddenly her life spirals down a dark and dangerous path. Pulling at the Stars by Beth Marie Read is now available wherever books are sold.

Author testimonial:

David was an exceptional person to work with when his press picked up my novel last year for publication. His edits to my manuscript were invaluable and he walked me through the publishing process every step of the way. I would highly recommend Woodhall Press, and specifically David as he is highly skilled in both editing and publishing.


One sweltering August. Four lives lost in a single night. Fever by Nick Mancuso is now available wherever books are sold.

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